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I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota with my husband Bill, 3 sons, 2 dogs,, 2 horses-now 1, bottle calves and Chicks. I love to Quilt. I enjoy Horses,Gardening, Flowers, Archery, Camping, Fishing, Bottle Calves and all things with animals. I started sewing when I was 8 for 4-H, and have sewed off and on since. I discovered how fun quilting was over 7 years ago. I still sew on a Kenmore that was a graduation gift in 1981. I have a New Kenmore 385.19, and a Viking 400, a Singer Treadle, a Featherweight. and a Viking Ruby. In February 2010 I purchased an APQS Longarm , and Love everyone of them. I taught my 1st paper-piecing class, it was such a blast!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Saturday was my Birthday, How old am I you may ask?
Well, let's just put it this way I am old enough to need stronger reader glasses, and getting where I am going to need another trip to the eye Dr. to update the far away glasses. Does that help? hee hee
Anyways, Bill (my husband for those that didn't know) and I have an agreement that we buy our own gifts. Now some may say what fun is that, but this way we get what we both really want or like, and exactly what we want. Yes, we go together to get them but it works for us and there's no question about what or anything. Quite often it ends up not even being our birthdays when a item comes up so it may be early or late how ever you may percieve it but nevertheless it's there.

Anyways I have been wanting this book of "Sylvia's Bridal Sampler Elm Creek Quilts" By Jennifer Chivaverini and her reading books for quite some time. Well I have found them and now own some of them. I can't wait to start on the Sampler Quilt! I am done reading this book as of this morning and am definetly hooked!!
and 2 more
My Mom and Dad gave me this book also for my Birthday. It has really neat projects in it. In fact their is one called Prairie Point that may have to be tried yet this week.
I didn't get a picture of them before they got attacked and ate, but both my Mom and Mother-in-law made me Birthday Cakes. SoooYes! I got 2 Angel Food Birthday Cakes with 7 minute frosting and one had almonds! yummmmmmmmmmmm Can't tell their my favorite can you?
And last but not least I have needed one of these for some time but have been to cheap to purchase one. I have been using a suitcase for quite a while but decided these were on sale at 50% off and after all it was my BD so wala....... I will get to use it this wekend when head down south for a Guild Class I will be taking. There are 6 outside pocket and also two movable pouches inside, and is definetly on wheels.
It was a WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY and even got to go to the MUSTANG RALLY (that will be another post later).
I hope this find all well and enjoying their quilting and Life..............

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  1. Happy Birthday! Looks like you had a great birthday this year.