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I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota with my husband Bill, 3 sons, 2 dogs,, 2 horses-now 1, bottle calves and Chicks. I love to Quilt. I enjoy Horses,Gardening, Flowers, Archery, Camping, Fishing, Bottle Calves and all things with animals. I started sewing when I was 8 for 4-H, and have sewed off and on since. I discovered how fun quilting was over 7 years ago. I still sew on a Kenmore that was a graduation gift in 1981. I have a New Kenmore 385.19, and a Viking 400, a Singer Treadle, a Featherweight. and a Viking Ruby. In February 2010 I purchased an APQS Longarm , and Love everyone of them. I taught my 1st paper-piecing class, it was such a blast!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

3" and 4"Farmers Wife Blocks, Christmas Parties and Some Cows

What do these all have in common you might ask? Well nothing other than all was happening in the same week. Hee hee.......

Our Guild's had their Yearly Christmas Party this last week, so wanted to show some of the items I received. I will start with the Minnekahta Quilt Guild since it was the first one last Thursday night down in Hot Springs.

At the begining of 2010 it was decided for every Show and Tell you brought in, your name would be in a drawing at the Christmas party for different gifts and that time the top gift was going to be a Accu. Go Cutter. Well who can not want one of those? Anyways, it just happened and would of happened anyways I was doing the Farmers Wife Sampler Blocks, And three other quilts of the week and one of the month, plus project Warmth quilting, plus all my normally quilting that I ended up with a few show and tells.

No I didn't receive the dreamed about Accu cut go, for what ever reason that was not purchased.But I did get my name drew and here are the prizes received:

A photo frame with a very nice saying in it, a very beautiful made Daisy Pincushion(I love this- it's the Black and White item in the picture) it included a $50.00 Gift Certificate to Sue' s "Quilt Shop" in Custer. A set of 2005, 2006, 2007 Calendar patterns, and a 300 page photo album. Also, I put in this picture 3 more of the Christmas blocks that I had won a couple of months ago when my name was drawn for the friendship blocks. If you don't know what friendship blocks are: they are where you put your name in and when it is picked you get to choose a block for everybody in your group to make you a block of your choosing. I have seen it done different ways. In this instance at every meeting the people that have not won names are put in a can and one name will be drew and that is the person who you make a block from for the next month, in which this was done every month til December. Another way it is done, is everybody signs up that wants to participate and it will go for that many months each name being picked for that particular month. Quite fun to see all the different blocks and ideas.On these particular blocks I asked for 12 1/2 Unfinished Christmas Blocks. At a later time I will get all my blocks together and post a picture of my blocks I received.

Christmas Blocks.........2005-2007 Calendars Gift Certificate and Album

DaisyPincushion(Isn't it just adorable)

I also attened our Christmas Party for the Black Hills Quilt Guild and though I haven't gotten a picture it was a very fun night! It was also a pot luck, bring a gift for no more 10.00, and play a game of left ,right, center. The food was amazing and very plentiful (actually you would not believe the amount of food) their were over 140 people I believe was said. For the gifts, all that participated were to get in a circle and then the Night Before Christmas was read and everytime the word "the" was read you were to hand the gift to the left. It was quite fun and some got a little mixed up but what a neat way to exchange gifts. I was blessed with a clip on magnifyer with light, which shall come in very handy since this year my eyes have decided to catch up eith my age.(giggle..giggle)The game was also blast! You have a set of 3 dice, they had and L, and R, and a C on them also a dot. (to start with we were asked to bring 3 Fat Quarters). When you first start you roll all 3 dice, then do with your FQ whatever the dice says; if you get and l, a dot, and a R yu would get to keep 1FQ hand 1 to the left and hand 1 to the R. Then next time you only get to roll dice according to how many FQ you have left. This goes around and around until only 1 person is left with a FQ. Then that one lucky person get to keep all the Fat Quarters that made it to the center (which is all except the 1). You should try it, is quite fun to play. This particular game Cindy from Fabric City won the Fat Quarters so be sure and Congratulate her when and if you see her.
When I wasn''t Christmas partying this week, I did keep plugging away on my Farmers Wife Blocks, both the 3" 30's fabric ones and the 4" Scrappy fabric ones.

3" Bk #37 Flower Pot..............3" BK#32 Farmers Daughter

3" BK#39 Friendship..............3" BK# 40 Friendship Block
4" Bk#27 Darting Birds...........4" Bk# 28 Duck and Ducklings
4" BK# 29 Economy (I too like Kitchen Window better)
4" Bk# 39 Friendship................4" Bk# 40 Friendship Block
Then last but not least, when I wasn't doing any of the above I could be found ot helping the folks. A Week and a half ago they decided to Sell Out of the "Cow" business. Now I have had a lot of feelings on this, so will Not go into them here but will say it has been a very trying couple of Months!
Many of you don't know but my mother has had some health issues between having to restart her heart, new found diabetes, asthma, C-pap, and a recent OXY testing it has been a hectic time for her. Then Dad had his 2nd knee surgery, and ended up coming home on oxygen(though that seems to have been just a temporary need). All in all I know this decision was not an easy one for them, but considering all the health issues the right one for them.
My boys have taken it in stride, Me (we will not go there yet), Carl has decided that he needs to get a job to "Buy" the Ranch.
Anyways enough said........ the following are the last of the "Cowy pictures before the trucks came".

Bringin' them in.........................No worry's here-- food Yep! Yum Yum!!

In waiting.....................................What else to do but eat and wait.
What's Next? You tell me............................
Have a Wonderful rest of the week and may your surprises be happy ones and your dreams fulfilled! May the upcoming Holidays fill you with compassion, and excitement and remeber the "Reason for the Season"

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  1. Sounds like you had fun at the guild Christmas parties!

    You're still getting a lot done even though it looks like things are kind of hectic!