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I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota with my husband Bill, 3 sons, 2 dogs,, 2 horses-now 1, bottle calves and Chicks. I love to Quilt. I enjoy Horses,Gardening, Flowers, Archery, Camping, Fishing, Bottle Calves and all things with animals. I started sewing when I was 8 for 4-H, and have sewed off and on since. I discovered how fun quilting was over 7 years ago. I still sew on a Kenmore that was a graduation gift in 1981. I have a New Kenmore 385.19, and a Viking 400, a Singer Treadle, a Featherweight. and a Viking Ruby. In February 2010 I purchased an APQS Longarm , and Love everyone of them. I taught my 1st paper-piecing class, it was such a blast!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Favorite Things Friday

Favorite Things Friday brings to my mind this week the weather and Favorite Season of the year.

Here in South Dakota we are in Winter which I am sad to say is "NOT" my favorite.
(20 degrees, cold, snow/ice and some times 40's thrown in and quite often single digits) Now with that said, My Most Favorite part of Winter is the "Last snow" of the season. This in turn brings my most "Favorite Season"

SPRING The newness the innocence
The first flowers to show their peepers
The Cherry Bushes and the Apricot Tree's in bloom( they smell heavenly)
The Sweet William and Peonies in Bloom

The Sun loving Scaevola drinking in the sunshine
Not to mention the Rose's, Petunia's, Daisy's, Hycianthus and tons of other warm weather loving flowers. We certainly can not forget the Spring Time Babies, calves and bunnies.
Yep, SPRING is My Favorite! The Newness, and the Freshness I can smell it now!


  1. And how lovely you've captured the essence of Spring! While Fall is my favorite Season, I can appreciate Spring with you. Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

  2. A good reminder heading into the hunker down days of winter. Keeps these pics up as a rotating wallpaper background on your computer minutes to help you make it through!

  3. spring spring where are you? winter is way too long....love the pictures

  4. Spring is my favourite season too. I think Winter happens just so we can be glad to see the Spring. Of course we dont have to wait for last snow here because we dont get any but it's always such a thrill when the weather turns warmer and the days seem a little longer.

    I loved your Spring pictures. Blossom on trees is one of my favourite things about Spring.

    Thanks for sharing Judy. I hope your Winter isnt too harsh. Spring will arrive eventually.

  5. A lovely FTF. Spring is beautiful with warmer days, and all those beautiful flowers arriving, I especially love Hyacinths, such a beautiful scent. Lovely photos of all the flowers.

  6. I'm already dreaming of spring too--and we haven't had snow yet. (I live in KS, having just relocated from sunny Nevada.) You chose some absolutely lovely photos to illustrate. :-)

  7. Beautiful photographs. I miss spring too. No snow yet here, but it's been cold. I'm ready for spring. Now!

  8. Oh, now stop it. Winter doesn't officially start for like 12 more days and already you have me longing for spring. So I'll have to say that my favorite thing about winter is that it ends and because it was so cold, it makes all those pretty bulbs come up. Something to look forward to. I love and grow all those flowers except for the last in my gardens and those are my favorite things too. Thanks for sharing!

    xo -El