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I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota with my husband Bill, 3 sons, 2 dogs,, 2 horses-now 1, bottle calves and Chicks. I love to Quilt. I enjoy Horses,Gardening, Flowers, Archery, Camping, Fishing, Bottle Calves and all things with animals. I started sewing when I was 8 for 4-H, and have sewed off and on since. I discovered how fun quilting was over 7 years ago. I still sew on a Kenmore that was a graduation gift in 1981. I have a New Kenmore 385.19, and a Viking 400, a Singer Treadle, a Featherweight. and a Viking Ruby. In February 2010 I purchased an APQS Longarm , and Love everyone of them. I taught my 1st paper-piecing class, it was such a blast!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Design Wall Monday

Wow!!Is it Monday Already??
It seems everything lately is kind of caterbosch! I know that isn't even a word but sometimes that is how my head feels. (and it has become "my" new word) Hee hee
I am having a hard time keeping on one thing and that is "really strange" for me. I normally have to finish one thing before going on another.
Which leads me to todays post. On my design wall I have three different things going, and have been working on them all (actually there was another and couldn't get it in the picture). My husband came down to where I was sewing a few times and his remarks are" Oh something different now?", "What's this one?", " and the next time:What are you doing-What happened to the last one?" So I guess maybe he was a little confused too, as to what was going on.LOL
Here is my design wall this morning.

"Checkerboard" which is # 20 of my 3" paperpieced Farmers Wife Blocks that I am doing in 30's fabrics(My 4" scrappy one hasn't gotten this far yet....hee hee)

This again is my "Winter Snoman quilt, It is back on the wall(and maybe there for awhile). I cut some sashing and put in a cornerstone(which isn't showing up really well-but is actually the color of one of the lighter blues in the block)The sashing is actually a dark blue with a couple of different blues mixed in that go with theblocks. BUT.... I am trying to decide if it's really what I want to do with it.. So while you're here feel free to give your opinions on this sashing and cornerstones.

Then this fell in my lap. Ok well actually it has been in a drawer in one of my fabric dressers for some time and so thought, well maybe I will just sew some blocks together. Why?? Well it's not because I don't have other things I should be doing and wanting to finish up, so I really don't know why....
Well I hope this hasn't been to strange and mixed up, But May your MONDAY and the Rest of the week be full of peace, fun and to all
Happy Thanksgiving and may you have a Very Blessed Day wherever you and yours may be!!


  1. I really like the fabrics you've used in your checkerboard block. And your snowman quilt is darling! :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! Lots of fun projects going on...love that mini block!

  3. You always have SO many blocks going! You are SO productive!

  4. I always have a dozen things going. Keeps it interesting :)

  5. Working on many blocks/projects at a time helps keep me interested. I like your little snowman project. I'll keep checking back to see how it is coming a long!

  6. I love all your projects....doesn't everyone have lots of things happening all the time??? Love the mini!

  7. What a nice variety of projects you have going on. The mini is lovely. I'll have to add the Farmer's Wife to my someday list. It's fun to keep track of cute mini samplers

  8. Sometimes you just need to move on to another project...w/o guilt please. You will finish them all in time. I like the Power of 5 rule - 5 projects going work 60 minutes on one and then move to the next. Work another 60 minutes on that one and then continue moving until you are back to project 1. The original had 10 projects and 3 hours but my mind can't focus that long on one thing.Something would get lost!

  9. Wow, 3" paper pieced blocks, yowsa! Love the snowmen blocks. Can't really tell what's happening with the third, so I'm with your hubby, I guess!

    My MIL mixes up words sometimes and once said she was "all discombooberated". We've used it ever since!

  10. I think a softer sashing might be in order. The blocks are real soft makes me think snow and that leads me to lighter fabrics. Your Farmer's Wife project looks tempting for me to try. Anxious to see how your snowmen project turns out.