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I live in the Black Hills of South Dakota with my husband Bill, 3 sons, 2 dogs,, 2 horses-now 1, bottle calves and Chicks. I love to Quilt. I enjoy Horses,Gardening, Flowers, Archery, Camping, Fishing, Bottle Calves and all things with animals. I started sewing when I was 8 for 4-H, and have sewed off and on since. I discovered how fun quilting was over 7 years ago. I still sew on a Kenmore that was a graduation gift in 1981. I have a New Kenmore 385.19, and a Viking 400, a Singer Treadle, a Featherweight. and a Viking Ruby. In February 2010 I purchased an APQS Longarm , and Love everyone of them. I taught my 1st paper-piecing class, it was such a blast!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More of my Farmers Wife Blocks & more....

I just really like this Farmers Wife Sampler brought to us by Laurie Aaron Hird. You must really check out her site. She will be having a new book come out in 2011 and it is a "Must Have" by me. Anyways, I have completed a couple more blocks of the 3" variety. I am doing one in 3" paperpieced 30's prints and also am doing one in 4" scrappy and paperpieced. These ones here are Blocks #19 and Block #20 of the 3" done in 30's fabrics. The 4" will catch up soon. The #20 I have done 2 of simply because at first I didn't like the first one I did so proceeded to do another. Then After completing them I decided I liked both so now I guess my quilt will 112 blocks or maybe will use the extra's for mug rugs or candle rugs or?.......
#20 Churn dash
another #20 Churndash

#19 Checkerboard
I hope to work another yet today but will see what the day brings. The boys(2- 13 year olds) will be arriving home early and have promised to work on pies and all the yummies for tomorrow. One of the twins (Carl) you never heard this from me! absolutely "LOVES" Pies. Both eating and making them too. Anyhoo....
A couple of years ago Carl asked me once if we could make a pie, now this is almost a daily request. I decided he was more than old enough and many don't make homemade crust and ect so thought he definetly needed to learn . Since, we have made him our celebration pie maker(which to him now is every day), and even his brother brags him up. (that is pretty good in the brother department..at least this mom thinks so) Anyways he has chosen Blueberry, Pumpkin, and Fresh Strawberry to make this afternoon. Maybe I can sneak some pictures in.. (Remember in the school department the need for machoism is strong). He is an excellent pie maker and his cheescakes(though they are from a box) are scruptious too. It's just making me hungry for them talking about them.
Well, I better get moving and may you all have a Beautiful, and Wonderful Thanksgiving wherever you may be.

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