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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our 1st Snow of 2010

No quilty post today....
Winter has given us our first snow of 2010. (Usually we have this the first week of September)
We woke up this morning to a light covering of snow, quite pretty with the trees all adorned with the frosty branches.

I am "Not" a "Snow" person. When I say that, I guess I should also mention that I love to "look" at snow and how it frost the trees and everything in it's wake, but the "COLD" part of snow I could live without. With the 1st snow also brings back the Deer and Turkeys that like to feed on our berry bushes which in turn gives the dogs their winter exercise.
On the quilty front this week there hasn't been much going on, though I did make it to our Guild Business Meeting and picked up a couple more Project Warmth Quilts to do some quilting on. Though it seems to be a busy time of year (Whew! I just realized two days ago that Thanksgiving is in a week ) the quilting brings a calmness to sometimes a crazy and eventful life. (Bring on the quilts to be quilted) hee hee)

On another note:
Casey had his awards banquet for Track the other night, they had a potluck get-together. ( Which by the way was very yummy)
They have wonderful coaches at both the High School and Middle School.(Actually the head ones for Cross Country are husband and wife) and they do and EXCELLENT JOB! Casey was given a award certificate for being one of the team leaders, and then also for perfect attendance and 2 years of cc. This group of kids never cease to amaze me! they are the most supportive, and caring group of kids. These two schools are some of the first that I know about that both the high schoolers and middle schoolers are able to run/practice together and they are so supportive of each other no matter the grade level.(6th -12th grades) In turn it makes them all better athletes.
And on another note:
Carl also brought home a couple of wards this last week. He was called into the office along with 6 other students and they were asked to go wait in a conference room.(Remember none of these student as 7th graders had a clue what it was about: as 7th graders they did not realize that they give out student on the month awards they thought that all quit when you left Elementary grades. (But also at this school you are not allowed to wear holey jeans..so Carl I guess one day decided to test that theory, he got by with it the one day, so the next day did the same. So again the next day he wore holey jeans, after school waiting for the bus the principle caught up with him and mentioned to him that maybe tomorrow he could find a pair without holes ) Soooo... as these kids are sitting in this room they have no idea what or why they were called to the principles room. Hee hee. (Carl thought maybe it had something to do with the holey jeans)All in all they received the "Student of the Month for Leadership" and were taken to get pictures at the Chamber of Commerce.
One thing led to another, short story .....an important lesson was learned, rules are there and are to be followed and choosing to do what is right is part of being a leader.
Now on this same note I have a thought that keeps going thru my head.... the boys have jeans, Yes! jeans without holes! so why are Carl's "favorite jeans" the Pair that has holes in them the size of Texas in the knees's????? hmmmm................
Now the next day Carl brought a piece of paper and handed it to me very casually..... It was a Certificate of Honor Roll.
Something I must mention here, none of my boys like to be called to the "Front" or that type of thing, so they are pretty mellow and not real happy when they have to go to the "Front " so to speak(I can't blame then I don't either) whether it be for something as wonderful as this or not. So I have to brag on them a little and tell them Congrat!! And we are proud of you for being You!!
Well, I better get movin' and checkin some water for these rabbits, take Care and have a wonderful Rest of the Week, and if I don't make it back here before Happy Thanksgiving!! to you and yours.

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